Site Engagement

The Baim Institute for Clinical Research works with world-renowned and respected academicians with established relationships with investigators around the world. The spirit of scientific collaboration and learning contributes to the value of academic study leadership.

Utilizing Key Opinion Leaders to Spark Scientific Interest

Because sites are not exclusive in their relationship with AROs, Sponsors, and CROs, personal relationships and proven scientific and medical leadership are an important element to a successful multi-center study. The Baim Institute utilizes its longstanding relationships with sites to enable efficient feasibility assessments and study initiation in the future.

We have worked with many high-enrolling North American sites. Our support of academic study leaders helps them to be more effectively engaged in research programs. Site engagement produces a science-driven motivation and communication style that enhances site and patient recruitment, retention, as well as study quality, by facilitating a close interaction between the sites the scientific leadership of the study. It provides the investigators and coordinators an academic link of the study to the broader field, thus enhancing their participation in clinical research.

Site Engagement comes in several forms, with some examples being providing assistance with site identification, presenting scientific webinars to site coordinators and investigators, and ‘Grand Round Webinars’ featuring guest Faculty to discuss core scientific topics related to the study.

Broadly, our Site Engagement activities can assist with the following:

  • Better response to site invitation letters
  • Motivation to maintain recruitment levels
  • Strategic discussions with sites to help retain subjects