Project Management

Selecting the right project manager sets the stage for successful study implementation. When new studies begin, the Baim Institute evaluates our team of project managers to ensure that the selected individual possesses the requisite background and experience to effectively and collaboratively manage the study with our sponsors.

Experienced Leadership starts with the Project Manager

At Baim, we view our project team as an extension of our sponsor’s team. Critical to that collaboration is a qualified Project Manager (PM). Effective project management establishes the framework and the multilateral relationships for a successful study. We choose a PM whose experiences are well-suited to a particular study.  Our PMs act as the chief point of contact for our sponsors and lead our project team in the study’s execution. Baim PMs perform continuous risk management and develop contingency plans with the sponsor. The Risk Management Plan is a component of the Project Management Plan developed for every clinical trial.

Our projects managers execute the following:

  • Study coordination and oversight, all the details
  • Meaningful site interaction
  • Bilateral communication with our sponsors, partners, and faculty
  • Dashboard Metrics Reporting during all phases
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Budget tracking, managing time and cost
  • Vendor management
  • Issue escalation and resolution
  • Evaluation and creative solutions to issues